About radio reddit

radioreddit.com is the source for quality new and popular independent music. All music on this site is made by users of the popular site reddit.com  

Our live streams are not controlled by program directors and DJs in the pockets of large labels.  Songs are chosen by an algorithm which only weighs users’ votes when deciding what gets played and what gets excluded as junk.  Songs with high voter approval eventually make it onto the radio reddit charts and get promoted by having a higher probability of being played.  

There are currently four live streams on radio reddit:
    • main stream - rotates through an eclectic schedule of hourly genre shows including jazz, rock, metal, punk and electronic, as well as specialty shows such as top of the month and new uploads

    • electronic - rotates through several blocks of electronic genres from ambient and avante garde to house and dubstep

    • rock - rotates through several blocks or rock genres including metal, hard rock, punk and alt/indie
    • hip hop / rap - plays hip hop and rap blocks of music

radio reddit was created by musicians who wanted a place where all music was given a fair chance to be heard.  Where pay-for-play, label preference, and underhand deals were done away with.  Where listeners were in control.


radioreddit is:

HarryMuffin: Server admin, web guy, PR, general operations

Octatone: Coder guru/monkey,  server admin, PR, general operations

Licenseplate: Queen of graphic artistry


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