Live at Radio Reddit


Who is eligible to simulcast their concert for Live at Radio Reddit?

  • Redditors Only.
    You must absolutely be a Redditor. You may not simulcast your awesome friend's really cool band's concert down at the Love Shack.
  • It must be 100% original and royalty free music created by you and your band's members. No cover songs. None.
  • You must already have music uploaded on Radio Reddit, and it would be extra cool if you took some time to fill out your artist profile.

How to get scheduled

Fill out the application with all the information below:
  • Your band or artist name, your band members and their Redditor names (if they all have them)
  • The date of your live concert - at least a month away from the date you send in the application, and at least a month away from your previous Live at Radio Reddit simulcast
  • A link to your music - best if it is a link to a recording or video of a live performance

How we will schedule simulcasts

  • Scheduling will be first come first serve
  • If you are trying to book a show and someone requests the same date and time, preference will be given to the person who has waited the longest to broadcast
  • If for the above scenario, the times since last broadcast are equal, and both bands sent their applications at the exact same moment in time, there will be a resolution meeting held at the Thunderdome: two bands will enter and one band will leave.
  • There is a basic filter by the mods/admins of Radio Reddit for quality control, but we are very open to broadcasting all genres . If your live concert is an hour of quality noise, hell yes we'll broadcast it. If it's just you in your bedroom, breathing deeply into a microphone, probably not.

Technical Requirements

You will need a copy of BUTT - available at - or another Shoutcast encoder/streamer.

BUTT is open source and cross-platform. It will allow you to stream from your laptop's inputs to the Radio Reddit server. It can also simultaneously record a copy of your performance in wav format to your hard drive as you stream.

Do not press connect until you are just about to start - we don't want dead air as you spend 15 minutes tuning your guitar. If you must, have some bumper recordings of your music playing and cross fade over to the live performance when you start.

Technical information for streaming:

  • Set BUTT, or your broadcast tool of choice, to Shoutcast mp3 at 128kbps, 44.1kHz
  • Your server password is "loginname:password" without quotes, and only will work for the time we schedule your show for.

Quality control

We expect artists to have someone manning the stream (your sound guy, some hot groupie, or your mom) to switch over to filler music during breaks. Dead air makes the gods of metal cry. Bumper/filler music should be by Redditors, royalty free, etc.

We also expect you to sustain a upstream connection at 128kbps. If your stream keeps dropping out, or you try to stream at a lower bit rate, we will pull the plug. If you are unsure about your available connection speed, please check your connection at or a similar site.

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