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Papa's Basement

Papa’s Basement Radio Show 11-26-12-Thanksgiving Aftermath

published on 2012-12-11 04:30:42

From Howard mooching his mother's cooking like an ingrate to Irina being duped by her parents to watch the home while they go on a tropical vacation to me scoring a pair of new kittens, we all recount how we spent our Thanksgivings. Oh, and did I mention mine included an encounter with a ghost? Yeah, that might get a few listens. Click here (http://www.inpapasbasement.com/podcasts/PB2012_11_26.mp3) to listen to this episode or use the embedded player below. (iTunes users, please rate and subscribe to Papa’s Basement by clicking here (http://itunes.apple.com/podcast/papas-basement/id280559430).) Note: I didn't have any supernatural encounters. I only said that to get a few listens.

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